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Article Writing

Tips for Writing Articles

Do you think your article writing skills are not good enough? Don’t worry and just take a look at some simple aspects that you need to evade from. Avoid too many grammatical as well as spelling mistakes. Make a note not to make punctuation errors as well. Do not write big boring paragraphs. Make the writing interesting that can hold the interest of readers. Each paragraph must not exceed 120-150 words. Each sentence must consist of twenty-twenty five words and not more than that. Oh yes! The title has to be out of the ordinary and the reason behind it is that almost 99% of the people get attracted towards it due to the appealing heading. Remember not to bore the readers by writing an uninteresting and dull introduction. 80% of the people would back off due to this reason.

The middle of the article must consist of in-depth details. Make sure not to give irrelevant and boring description time and again. Use correct and pertinent information only. Remember the biggest point to remember is, ‘keep yourself in the reader’s shoes’ and write in accordance to that. Do not write rubbish stories or make a point not to explain too much or too less. One more thing that most people forget to consider is that just think what the topic is all about and for what segment are you writing it. The writing varies in accordance to the customer base. If your customers are teenagers write in a language that they can understand easily. The text and the writing style must vary while writing for different people.

Write from an over all perspective so that your writing really puts a mark on the reader’s mind. The article must be ended well too. In the last part of the article, conclude all that you have written. It will give the reader a clear cut idea of all that you have written in the article.

The article all in all must display the image of reader’s mind. It must clearly define what the reader desires to write. Just follow the above tips and start with a new piece of writing and see how the fan following increases considerably.

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Brown-eyed-girl profile image

Brown-eyed-girl 5 years ago

very helpful.

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 5 years ago from India Author


Tom T profile image

Tom T 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

I like your guidelines for short paragraphs. People forget these days that people don't read on the internet, they scan. Keep up the good work.

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 5 years ago from India Author

thanks a lot Tom T.comments from the people like you motivate me to write more

breathing profile image

breathing 5 years ago from Bangladesh

I am not satisfied about my writing skill. Now I think it will help me to write better than past.Thanks.

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 5 years ago from India Author

thanks a lot

swalia profile image

swalia 8 months ago

Helpful tips..Thanks for sharing!

sunitibahl9 profile image

sunitibahl9 8 months ago from India Author

Thanks swalia

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