Lost in my mind, and can't find my way out.

No one else around, I scream and I shout.

Locked in a place, with no windows or doors.

Nobody hears me, I can't take anymore.

It gets darker and darker, I'm afraid of this place.

Someones chasing me, but I can't see his face.

He gets closer and closer, I'm afraid I might die.

There's only empty space, with nowhere to hide.

No one I can count on, I have no one to call.

I try to run faster, but I trip and I fall.

I want to leave, in this abyss I'm alone.

Except for who's after me, I just wanna go home.

No matter how far I run, I can't get away from this being.

But when I look back, it seems that its me that I'm seeing.

How could this be? Am I going insane?

I'm so tired of running, I'm so tired of this pain.

When I think I finally lost him, I turn around he's there.

I just can't seem to win, because he's not playing fair.

Though I don't think he's playing, I'm sure its for real.

Then again nothings for sure, I don't know what I feel.

Here he comes again, he's going to get me this time.

I wish someone would help me, I think I'm losing my mind.


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