bad mood blues


i hate you

i loathe you

i wish you would leave

leave my life

my existence

you are my only pet peeve

you always leave me weak

i am feeling frail

our agreement

our friendship

has quickly turned null

infatuation of lust

goodnight and


they are always a must



i will miss you never

you think you are smart

but you're really not that clever

a debonaire smile

charm and wit


you sing like the sirens

listen from afar

my ears are now closed

i'm away at a bar


i've needed to cry

i've wanted to die

my souls feels so empty

because of mindless lies

the tears do not come

there is a smile on my face

though i know one day

you will vanish

not leaving a trace

except for the bruise

left on my soul

irretrievable pain

weak and dull

i wish you could care

that is not a dare

forgive and forget

our minds set aflare

you played with my feelings

created a monster

do not look around

the blame is on you


you play mind games

but i can play back

go along

fill your void

since your heart is under attack

i will try to erase

my memory of you

i could go on with my life

maybe one day

i will start something pure

something new

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catalystsnstars profile image

catalystsnstars 5 years ago from Land of Nod

"maybe one day

i will start something pure

something new"

Nuff said

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