bang the drum churn the fire

sun and sand photography
sun and sand photography

bang the drum churn the fire


newspaper like the sword

 draws a red line

 full of contradiction

 both rapture and release

 a narrative prose varnished

 in a bewitching mist

 the spine rippled

 by furious rambling

 and chronic apathy

 amid the chaotic glory

 remember to dream

 your own dreams

 in the purple hills

 and blue valleys

 where daisies fiddle songs

 to gaurd against dry desert winds

 that would chap the fervid harvest

 of seeds planted seven winters before

 bang the drum

 churn the fire

 saddle the ether

 of the creative soul

trapped by concrete and glass

held fast with optimism

striving for homeland riches

that sacrifice promises

in a war raging

with hope and fear

on a battlefeild

with no clear lines

©thomas benzenhafer

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Pachuca213 7 years ago

very deep...I loved it!~

Visionary Poet profile image

Visionary Poet 7 years ago from northwest florida Author

thank you. ;]

amyjosprague profile image

amyjosprague 7 years ago from

first--how did you get the copyright? i'm not sure what i'm doing on mine or if i'm doing it right.

But anyway, this is soooo good. A literary masterpiece that really took me there. Word choice and subtle rhymes and rhythms--excellent. i'm really looking forward to reading your stuff, best i've read

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