Beneath The Ruins....Rare Treasure??


Beneath The Ruins, Rare Treasure.



Jesus, can you see
through the muck
that has tainted
my spirit into a dark wraith
writhing beneath its own baptism
in the filth of this world
not ordained by you.

The flesh is weak
and sorely plagued,
only you can discern
through the mire,
the many flecks of gold
that vein my soul.
sparkling bits of
hope for redemption,
before the soil
itself claims me.

Lead me back
to the caverns
of my own heart
and help me smelt,
what is precious
into a shield,
that will repel
the evils that
assail my soul.

A rediscovery
of my own value,
and a sharing
of the wealth
with the many
others who wallow in
the excrement's
of damnation.

This then is my plea
bidding you
to rewrite the
poetry of my life,
into a testament
that will be cherished
by all who can find solace
in my exemplary





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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 7 years ago

Nice! The third stanza is superior writing sir!

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