I can't stand to say goodbye,

I walk the world,

I used to fly,

I can not talk,

I can not cry,

My soul is on the other side,

My body is in purgatory,

Who's to write my earthly story?

I can't keep track of yesterday,

When I die my love will fade,

This world will not even be a memory,

Don't care if they remember me.

Burn my body,

Spread the ashes,

My soul will be where the pirates stash is,

Somewhere in the void of space,

Where time don't even have a place,

And faces are just voided.

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PenMePretty 5 years ago from Franklin

This poem gave me cold chills. Blessings

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

Awe, chills running down my spine.

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