The Tragic Story Of Lost Childhood Love


"Innocent Ending"

Hand in hand on the playground, innocence and broken bones bond. The flower he picked from random bed is tucked away behind her ear. The pulling pigtails period is past, now he wants only to see her smile. Brave colorblind eyes mask his hurt, but she sees his heavy heart suffer. Content kids laugh nearby, love is not lost in their phenomenal lives. The two slighted sad souls look on not in jealousy but with hope.

So much is still forbidden, and perhaps that's where the answers lie. Maybe a cure for her pain and sadness, or a cure for his parents madness. Freedom will come with age they believe, they make plans for a far off future.

The inseparable become sadly separated when feuding families move away. A chance meeting years later reveals the dreamers still share the same dream. She wants to matter to someone and he wants to escape the pain of abuse. Courage found him, before he could rationalize he was rapidly running away. Safely hiding in an empty house he wonders if this relief is what they call peace. Law silently sneaks and surrounds his happy hideaway as he half slumbers unaware.

Threats echoed inside the walls and were met with demands for effortless escape. Final fights for freedom were forgotten as he feared fleeing was an unfeasible hope. Only one way out now he knew and he walked to the window and held up his weapon.

She slept soundly, unsuspecting as her childhood sweetheart said a sad goodbye. His fifteen year old body having been battered by the eighteen bullets that pierced it. Freedom was his only desire and he died defending his delusions that he deserved it. Could blessing be the boy never grew to learn growing grants you into a whole new hell? Hard to be sorry for someone who escaped, yet she remembers him with pained heart. But then anger often overcomes the sadness, and she wishes that she had gone with him.

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ILuvUKenton 6 years ago from The corner of Forever and Heartbreak

great work

Entwife profile image

Entwife 6 years ago from Hills of Pennsylvania

sad tale, well told :o) wishing you laughter

Julie2 profile image

Julie2 6 years ago from New York City

OMG, you made me teary eyed...

Stina Caxe profile image

Stina Caxe 6 years ago from Virginia Author

I really appreciate the comments. Thank you so much.

Rosie2010 profile image

Rosie2010 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Oh Stina, this is so touching, it broke my heart. You are so talented. I love it. Thumbs up and beautiful.

Have a nice day,


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