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Recently we lost our most precious 20 week old grand-daughter 'Jenna' to cancer , this made me think of so many things in our families lives, her death was a catalyst for the family and so many wonderous things have emerged since she passed away , what a pity it took such a tradgedy for this to occur. Where our family was once scattered and shattered , spread across a vast distance both in real time and closeness, it now draws closer by the day. Each and every family member has been impacted by the loss of such a beautiful wee angel.... Each and every family member has reflected on the glory of their lives at this time, some have thanked what they have believed in for the simple fact that their children are safe and well.

For me it has meant taking a good look at my attitudes to all my dearly loved family and rectifying ,or attempting to anyway, the many rifts which have occurred , some of them just little drifts and some, chasms of pain and grief.The relationship which my ex husband and I shared was once a loving marriage which turned to dust many years ago and though the contact had remained with the everlasting tie of our children, the feeling of unity was sour, old and faded. With my second marriage came the growth of my soul , the rebirth of my spirit and the changing of a person, I had finally became a whole person, married to the right person and knowing it was going to be forever, alas along with my new born love was a discarded marriage, bitterness, anger and children caught in the ever increasing grip of a tug of love .. winner takes all.. no thought spared for the casualties along the way.

Many , many loving years have passed for my husband and I and our children have grown, matured , married and had children of their own, I see so many of the traits we instilled in them rising to the surface to assist them in their loving aim to bring their children up with courage integrity ,honesty, compassion principles and morals. I had never seen how trapped they were by the never ending war of long dead emotions between adults who should have known better. I thank Jenna for her life , I thank her for showing us in the short time she was here that family unity is ultimately the only way we can all thrive grow and love unconditionally. I thank her for bringing with her the purity and innocence which enabled us to throw away the held in pent up long dead frustrations and go to to be bigger and better... I thank her for the ongoing family peace which is now going from strength to strength and like the ripple effect is bringing together people which have been segregated and separated for far to long .. I made my promise to Jenna and I will continue to keep that promise until I no longer take a breath .. I will strive for the rest of my life to maintain the loving tie which now exists between all the family and strengthen the bond each and every day.For anyone reading this who has a broken thread with a family member .. just think of the fabric of your life unravelling, its only takes one broken thread to destroy the fabric we build our lives on .. its not worth the grief ... thanks to anyone who reads this , I have found an outlet for my feelings with no-one the wiser and if this helps one single person realise they have a broken thread and think about it.. my heart will sing with Joy .. families need to r emain united to be strong.

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instantlyfamily profile image

instantlyfamily 5 years ago

This is beautiful & so true!

ceeceecross profile image

ceeceecross 5 years ago from Adelaide Author

Thankyou so much it is heart felt and i will be back to bring you more of my family , my life ...Ceecee

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