cleaning my pain stained memories

Shrouded in pain ,

these haunting memories,

drowning the shame

in tear stained miseries.

Sorting through these emotions ,

a perfect stranger will unite.

He tried to fix what is broken,

without trying my souls fire reignites.

These flames burn brighter with every word.

My poetry soars ,

above that of any tree or bird.

Cleaning up the floods of misery.

My heart's beat once bleak now roars,

with a new dedication ,

to the one who cleaned my pain stained memories,

my new inspiration, the heartache intervener,

my dearest friend Cleaner.......

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cleaner3 profile image

cleaner3 4 years ago from Pueblo, Colorado

Wow, Zayleen . this is very good write. i am humbled by your poem .

i am glad to see... your hearts fires ignite

your words pour out ..and do take flight

to watch you create... is such a joy

I suddenly feel.... like a young boy

a new fresh flower.... has bloomed to show

her talents and love.... which will glitter like snow.

You inspire me also Zayleen.

I wrote this poem personally for you .


Aisha Jilani profile image

Aisha Jilani 4 years ago from Lahore

nice one

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