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  • Dazzler Costume History

    Dazzler Costume History

    by Geekdom3 years ago

    Alison Blaire has worn different Dazzler costumes as a superhero and singer. Learn about her costumes with the X-Men, Excalibur and S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • Rogue Costume History

    Rogue Costume History

    by Geekdom3 years ago

    Anna Marie has had a rich costume history as Rogue. See the different costumes this X-Men southern belle has worn over the years.

  • Superheroine Costume History List

    Superheroine Costume History List

    by Geekdom2 years ago

    A list of all Geekdom's Superheroine Costume History Hubs. Find the characters you want to learn more about. The hero's histories are explored through their different costumes.

  • Meggan Costume History

    Meggan Costume History

    by Geekdom2 years ago

    A look at the different costumes Meggan has worn over the years. See her costumes as Captain Britain's sidekick, to a leading member of Excalibur and an important part of X-Men history.

  • Gantz Manga Ending: Why?

    Gantz Manga Ending: Why?

    by Christopher Gordon3 years ago

    *This contains spoilers to the ending of the Gantz Manga. If you have not read it and wish to please avoid reading this*.

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