Crash goes my life, and all who have known it

You try to perfect it, try to polish

Yet only it rust crumbles and falls

You stand at the bottom of your crumbling world

Picking up pieces the fall from the sky, landing around you

With a deafening crash

Crash goes my life my work my tears

Poured into molds of money and years

Time has been of the essence but the essence is gone

Refocused on the things rotten and wrong

Disappointment flows through me for all the things missed

Birthdays, people, family and friends

That were once there, though now looking have never been

Crash goes my life, my reality my fears

Memories suppressed though the seasons and fears

Forced to look at the mess and destructions caused

Results of carless decisions morally flawed

Crash goes my life, I am left half standing, refusing to fall

To perish to quite

So crash into me, so I can fall flat

And rebuild my life one stone at a time,

to the way things should have been

If I would have let you

 Crash into me

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Doug Turner Jr. 5 years ago

Like the Dave Mathews song, only with different meaning behind the phrase "crash into me".

If future poems of yours need to be formatted a certain way, you can't edit them once pasted inside the hub. As soon as you edit, the poem will automatically re-format itself in the double-space form as this one. It works fine for this poem here, but just keep it in mind in case you write something that you want to stay in a strict stanza form. Edit beforehand, paste, don't touch, and it should stay that way. Just FYI.

Thanks for commenting on my summer poem and welcome to hubpages. I'm strictly a poetry writer on hubpages so I'll be returning to read more. Cheers.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Thanks very much for the tip, I had no idea that they reformatted once posted, I also didn’t know Dave Matthews had a song named Crash into Me. I guess I need to listen to the radio more often! Take care :)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....well poetically speaking I am glad that I crashed into your hallowed hub space because if you keep writing like this you will certainly make a long career out of it - and I will be one of the first in line to ask for an autographed copy of your book ........

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Wow, thanks so much that’s such an amazing complement. I have wanted to be a writer for so long now, yet I have always been too timid to show anything I have written, you made my day!

liswilliams profile image

liswilliams 5 years ago from South Africa

Good stuff, welcome to hubpages!

dotty1 profile image

dotty1 5 years ago from In my world

Welcome Sarah absolute pleasure to read your verse - love it looking forward to reading more... D X

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

liswilliams : Thanks, i'm having a great time on hub pages!

dotty1: Thank you very much :) Looking forward to reading more of your work as well! Take care :)

Angie 5 years ago

You are an amazing writer and I will be second in line asking for your autograph :-) You put things into words that I have never been able to. You are an amazing person keep up the good work.

Sarah Writes profile image

Sarah Writes 5 years ago from California Author

Thank you so much for the wonderful complement, and being so supportive on all of my hubs! Take care, and stop by soon!

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