fairy moon--collection from
fairy moon--collection from

Cute Little Angel


There's a cute little angel who makes mine a special life.
Who bumped into me and made mine a special life.
Full of life,bubbly in nature, with a head stand still
Her beautiful eyes,rosy lips,sweet smile is full of magic.
Landed into my nest one fine evening for a supper,
Stayed for a moment, her memories with me r forever.
Spreading her fragrance to all around.
Makes everything lively, her presence is so profound.
Her company is so special, that you get addicted.
Unknown people need her,now that;s predicted.
God made her in his timing with a special reason
Love is in air with her in all seasons.
The festive season is on it's way
Dancing of stars, smiling of the moon.
We will be blessed with a fairy very soon.

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