day one

eight away


so here is day one

i am but alone

in your pocket you've stolen

my heart and my soul

upon them you cast

rocks and stones

my mind appearing a blank broken slate

i will forget you not

in my fragile, weakened state

please do not feed me

your heartless nonsense

knowing you such a short time

you age plays a role

in this act of selfish defense

this aura of lust

insatiable desire

behind the shell you portray

is a heart full of

passion and fire


your skin

and your touch

my soul with you i trust

endless, meaningless


to end it all now

causes my insides frustration

a strange sort of love

or maybe it is lust?

having a little bit of you time to time

is nearly something to have, i must

this game you play with me

you laugh but so do i

back and forth, two can play

confusion and insecurity

you care not, so you say

a new set of rules

bending them can follow

just be sure it is your pride

you must learn to swallow

my eyes grow heavy

it has been a long day

the tears you sent me

keep my shallow remorse

gleefully at bay


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