10 things to do before you die

Have you ever thought what you would do if suddenly some mysterious fairy from land of 'never and forever' turned up and awarded you with further 9 lives? Then you, like a cat, would be able to cheat on Ms Death... Who would you be? A politician, world famous superstar or some crazy rich businessman? Maybe F1 driver? A priest?

What if you already met that fairy? What if you already can experience everything, just... in this life, starting right here, right now?

It's all in your power.

10 things to do before you die - be it physical or emotional death, or both:

1. When you feel sad and lonely, write a letter. Letter to someone you have never met and never will meet. Spend whole night writing it, in candlelight, and then burn it at dawn, cleansing your soul and desires.

2. Take a freshly cut rose. Tear petals one by one, crushing them between your fingers, feeling the flower, smelling its colour, seeing its smell and helplessness... Any beauty can be appreciated as long as you do not destroy it, trying to see and explain - what's inside? What is it made of? Some things are just there to be taken as they are, without questioning.

3. Say those three sacred words - 'I love you'. Say them to a complete stranger. Anywhere, anytime.

4. Treat yourself to a champagne bath. Just to understand that it's not the drink, it's that someone special who shares it with you that makes the moment unforgettable.

5. Cut yourself. See the colour of your blood. Just to make sure it's red, like everyone else's.

6. Get lost in the woods. And find the way out yourself. Just to make sure that even when you're completely lost, there are still ways leading you to safety.

7. Say a prayer. At least once. Even if you don't believe in anything but yourself.

8. Let yourself cry sometimes, honestly and without any control. Tears can be your weakness, but they can be your strength too.

9. Take the most cherished thing you have from your childhood. Burn it. Just to set yourself free from attachment to material things - it's memories that are invaluable.

10. Say no. It's better than to betray yourself.

ps. All this was originally written on a late night train back to London, and appeared on here due to insomnia ;)

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ghomefitness profile image

ghomefitness 5 years ago from Chicago,IL

Deep and insightful! I think everybody should do a exercise like this but the ten things may change a little. Voted awesome and up.

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