Drake's Drum

Sir Francis Drake

A life of adventure has been bestowed upon me.

At the beck and call of my Queen, I sailed the earth to become a thorn in the Spaniards side.

From the Isthmus of Panama, down to the Cape of Good Hope, I have chased the elusive treasure fleets.

And with the bounties collected, I became a man of the court, and declared a nobleman by my Queen.

In her time of need, I sailed to Cadiz and called it my own, singeing the beard of King Phillip II.

One year later, she called for me again, and I set the Spanish Armada alight after finishing my game of bowls.

And throughout it all, I played the beat of victory on my drum.

And in this instrument, I bestowed my heart and soul, promising to rise again should it be played.

Waiting at a moment’s notice for the call of alarm to be sounded, I slumber on the bottom of the sea.

In my lead coffin, dressed in a full suit of armor, I listen for the crescendo.

To come back.

For my love.

For my life.

For my England.

© 2012 Augustine A. Zavala

Drake’s statue on Plymouth Hoe

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RJ Schwartz profile image

RJ Schwartz 17 months ago from Idaho Falls, Idaho

Fine piece of work - dramatic and factual

A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 17 months ago from Texas Author

Thank you RJ. My favorite figure of colonial history. Thank you for the comment and visit.

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