Dramatic Poetry

  • She the Refugee

    She the Refugee

    by Honey Halley6 hours ago

    A trilogy of poems depicting a young girl's journey from refugee to American. She came; she saw; she conquered!

  • Robert Browning and the Dramatic Monologue

    Robert Browning and the Dramatic Monologue

    by Katherine Sanger8 months ago

    The dramatic monologue is a poetic form that was used by Victorian poets to its fullest, especially by Robert Browning, now considered one of the most talented and prolific dramatic monologists. It worked as a tool to...

  • My Life on "Pause"

    My Life on "Pause"

    by manlypoetryman16 months ago

    Remove the shackle that encases my dream...and bust that "Pause Button"...once and for all... I'm tired of reaching each end of the day...with all I have to show...is "I'm still standing tall...

  • Memories From College Days

    Memories From College Days

    by donabhatt4 years ago

    College days were not so far Those laughter, achivements are still everywhere Anxiety and excitement side by side Life was fun but not a cake walk Exam result and boring lectures Feeling sleepy inside the...

  • What is Dramatic Monologue?

    What is Dramatic Monologue?

    by Muhammad Rafiq14 months ago

    Dramatic Monologue is a combination of two words i.e., dramatic and monologue. The word dramatic is an adjective derived from the Greek word dramatikos meaning something which pertains to drama or which is replete with...

  • Best spoken word artists

    Best spoken word artists

    by Alexander Props5 years ago

    If you love art and poetry you should definetly check spoken word. This is just a list of best spoken word artists in the world.

  • Aristotle vs. Plato on the Dangers of Poetry

    Aristotle vs. Plato on the Dangers of Poetry

    by Schatzie Speaks3 years ago

    Plato and Aristotle critique poetry and the effect it has on poets and their audiences, as well as society and humankind. Both men approach the critique from different perspectives-Plato from an idealistic deductive...

  • Poetry Dramatic Monologues

    Poetry Dramatic Monologues

    by Colleen Swan3 months ago

    I have long admired the dramatic monologue: Robert Browning, Amy Lowell, Edna St. Vincent Millay conveyed so much in a comparatively limited space. The following poems reflect stories of a lifetime.

  • Waking Up to War is a Terrible Thing

    Waking Up to War is a Terrible Thing

    by Tessa Schlesinger2 months ago

    As NATO mobilizes to the Russian border and as the US wars in Syria against Russia, it's probable that WWIII is just around the corner. And it will be nuclear.

  • One Night With The King: Esther Speaks

    One Night With The King: Esther Speaks

    by Sharilee Swaity2 years ago

    "One night with the king" was all they had. What would they do with this night? Try to obtain favour for themselves? This poem is a poetic response to the ancient story of Esther, or Hadassah, who saved her people...

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