End of a Grudge....

A feeling of resentment or rancor....

End of day..with promise of a better tomorrow...
End of day..with promise of a better tomorrow... | Source

Things aren't always as they seem....

He awoke one day in early Spring..

Not knowing what the day would bring..

He knew however his schedule was tight…

For he was a Surgeon and that was his plight..

The OR was busier than usual that day…

And there was a man on a gurney they say..

That brought back memories from another day..

Surely fate has crossed our paths, so the Surgeon thought..

For many years have passed and I have sought..

A way to end my grudge against the one who stole my wife ....

an opportunity at hand..

And on this day I will take a stand…

He began to cut with his surgical knife..

Removing the limbs and the quality of life…

From the body of the man that stole his wife….

The next day the Surgeon paid a visit to the man…

Who asked him “ why did you do this?” I don’t understand..

" You are the man who took my wife, and I saw an opportunity to change your life.."

You misunderstood . said the man....I never took your wife..

She left you.. not for me ..but...for my wife !….

So ..be ever careful when one holds a grudge….

And always give thought before you judge…..

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DDE profile image

DDE 4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

Amazing how foolish one can be thanks

PHILLYDREAMER profile image

PHILLYDREAMER 4 years ago from Lodi, New Jersey

I don't know whether to be horrified or laugh. That's one of those moments where you go, "Oops! My bad"

CBM1987 profile image

CBM1987 4 years ago

ohhh thats a twist and its a ooops... cant fix it twist! Glad i got to read this one!

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

DDE...foolish is how many think..thanks for the comment...

PHILLYDREAMER..yeah I wan't sure how this would go over either..t..funny...

I almost called this write " Oops I'm Bad "...great minds think alike..thanks

CBM1987..Glad you stopped by..I love twists in a write..thanks for the comment...

have you read any of my others ?

Lord De Cross profile image

Lord De Cross 4 years ago

Hahaha! ops! Sorry pal~I did have to laugh and almost spill my coffee on the screen, seeing in my mind a little piece of meat being thrown into that red can. I guess is the same when a President wins the election. Sort of, "okay want to find out who voted for me, now!" Love you but, this was hilarious!

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

Lord De Cross..not sure I understood " same when a Presidenet wins the election"...

can you explain? glad you had a laugh..I was just in one of those moods...thanks for commenting..

Mhatter99 profile image

Mhatter99 4 years ago from San Francisco

I agree, but I have met people who have mde a grudge for their purpose to live.

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

Mhatter99...there's always a negative to a positive..some people pick fights over everything..probably because they have no life....then there are those that don't think rationally about anything...thanks for agreeing and making comment...

xstatic profile image

xstatic 4 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

What a switch this was, I did not see it coming at all.

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

xstatic..I am one who sees life in a different perpective ..it was unexpected..but..did you enjoy the switch ? I would like to know..thanks for visiting...

thelyricwriter profile image

thelyricwriter 4 years ago from West Virginia

Up, funny, and awesome KJ:) This was an awesome poem KJ. I loved it. So true in your message. We can't be too quick to judge others. Always listen before we speak. So many lessons one can learn through this message. Very well thought out poem that has your "talent" shining like the Florida sun:) Hope all is well with you dear KJ:)

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

thelyricwriter...thank you so much, I am glad you liked my thoughts...I feel life hands me these on a platter..it is my duty to sort through them and share with the world, but in my own way thru humor of living with the " quirks"...and all is well..at the present time..usually my writes express my mindset...if you get my drift..hehehe

Sueswan 4 years ago

Hi Kj force

Loved it! The ending was a surprise but really shows how we should not jump to conclusions before knowing the facts.

Voted up across the board

Take care :)

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

Sueswan..Thank you for the vot-up..glad you enjoyed my hub..have you checked out any of my others..would appreciate your comments..varied subjects, but hopefully you will notice my take on life..through "cracked" rose coloured glasses..enjoy the day :)

Sueswan 4 years ago

Hi Kj force

This is the first hub of yours that I have read. I look forward to checking out more . :)

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

Thank you..hope you enjoy them..j

DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 4 years ago

You got me.Life ends up with so many twists it is best to just let the bad go and give one last kick as it goes out the door.I know in the past I wanted to pay back so bad I was the one with the egg on my face.It is never worth it.I love your hubs.

kj force profile image

kj force 4 years ago from Florida Author

DREAM ON...Ahh life ..twists and turns and upside downs..egg on your face ? sounds like a new wrinkle treatment, thanks for the info..hehe

By the way the hub was written by my evil twin.."maxine"she sneaks in everyonce in awhile..thank you for the kind words..glad you enjoyed...

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