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the lights of Shannon

rise up to lighten my heart

my beloved Ireland

in sight once again

isolated pockets of light

remind me of your sense of space

so far from new york’s hysteria

and the gangrene of commercialism

though our lust to wander

may carry us here and there

the special greens of Ireland

know no competitor

often the fear of dying

far from your shore

like a body lost at sea

not able for that final wish

to feel the clay

through my fingers

before I join you

to burn in your evening sky

and to be scattered

in the soft wind

oh Ireland we are wedded

and whilst apart

pine as lovers

together yet apart

my beloved Ireland

I may leave you no more



Images of Ireland

Patrick Kavanagh Poet

Statue on the Grand Canal Dublin
Statue on the Grand Canal Dublin

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Iðunn 10 years ago


Drax profile image

Drax 10 years ago from NYC.... Author

thanks Iðunn ..and the photos are pretty good too :-)

Iðunn 10 years ago



I do love this poem, you know. it makes me miss Ireland too and I've never even been there.

Drax profile image

Drax 10 years ago from NYC.... Author

thankyou Iðunn - any time I leave and go back I always say to myself ..not leaving again.. but then next thing I wake up in America or somewhere, must be doing something wrong...

irishdreamer 10 years ago

hey I love this. I am from the Irish midlands live in Dublin now but I miss the midlands and my beloved Slieve Bloom mountain. Oh God I have tears falling

Drax profile image

Drax 10 years ago from NYC.... Author

oh Irishdreamer you'll have me at it too, it's a long way from here to Ireland... make a pilgrimage to Slieve Bloom.. take a small smooth stone home then you will never be apart...

Coral 9 years ago

I love everything about this. I love Ireland, so green and pleasant.

"Gangrene of commercialism" is unique.

Please visit my poems at www.coralpoetry.blogspot.com



Drax profile image

Drax 9 years ago from NYC.... Author

thank you Coral, anytime I return to Ireland after working abroad I say I'm never going to leave again... maybe next time..

Brenna 8 years ago

These are beautiful picture. I'm going to Ireland and can't wait. Thanks for sharing the poem and the pictures.

Go raibh maith agat

Drax profile image

Drax 8 years ago from NYC.... Author

That's great, thanks Brenna, come in May, it is the best month and be sure to go to the west, Galway, Donegal, Achill Island...

it could be a Hotel California scenario... :-)

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