facades of Justice Most Perturbing.

this man murdered two young ladies with no remorse.

The politeness


of no mercy,

echoes in the


dark confines

of the coffins


of his victims,

bones rattle applause,

falling in a clatter

as he winces


at the injection,

sucking air


and fearing death,

much like they did,

it's all sterile,


and monitored,

each need attended to,

a sumptuous last meal,

a man of faith to comfort,

family visits to say goodbye.

death politely applied,

not like her last

tormented moments,

begging mercy

in a raw throat,

her sobs ignored

as he extinguished

in a most non-civil way,

all that she ever dreamed of.

The politeness of no mercy

will befall any who harm,

a hair on the heads

of my loved ones and friends.

Gathering all of my

Marine Corps training,

I will get to them

before the state does,

and inflict my

most detailed forms

of politeness

in unmerciful screams.

"And No jury will convict me!"



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