Some Features of Puritan Age

Puritan age is marked by the decline of Renaissance age: the age of revival of knowledge. Puritan age is further divided into two classes; 

  1. the Jacobian period in which James.I was the ruler 
  2. Caroline period in which Charles.I was the ruler
In Puritan age new spirit came to the society, a literary mission started from Renaissance age was accomplished in Puritan age. The salient features of Puritan age are as follows:

  1. The writers of Puritan ages followed the paths of the great Renaissance writers.
  2. The spirit of science popularizes by great men like Newton, Bacon and Descartes.
  3. In literature the spirit infuses itself in the form of criticism, which was truly the creation of Puritan age.
  4. IN this period people took stock of what had been acquired.
  5. People classified, analysed, and systematized many things which were having no importance before that.
  6. English language was started being used as the medium for instruction and for storing the data and for conveying facts.
  7. Art of Biography popularized which was unknown in previous ages.
  8. Satire and Irony got fame in Puritan age, individually as well as on collective basis.
  9. Readers had become criticizers and asked for the facts and figures, so that they may judge and can take sides in the controversial matters.
  10. John Milton was the best representative of Puritan age.
  11. Puritanism is considered as the second greatest renaissance.
  12. Rebirth of the moral nature of man which followed intellectual awakening of Europe in 15th and 16th century.
  13. Despotism was the oder of the day.
  14. Puritan movement stood for the liberty of people of Europe.
  15. There was an introduction of morality and high ideals in politics. 
  16. Puritan age had two perspectives; personal righteousness and civil and religious liberty.
  17. It aimed at making people free and honest.
  18. In puritan age John Milton and Thomas Cromwell fought for the religious liberties of people.
  19. With the passage of time Puritanism became the movement against the King which stood for the freedom of the society.
  20. Puritans was the name given to the people who advocated certain changes in the form of the worship of the reformed English church under Queen Elizabeth.

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