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Have any of you guys tried Textbroker?

  1. RobertPalmer profile image59
    RobertPalmerposted 7 years ago


    I'm new to hubpages and before I got here, I heard a lot of flap jawing about TextBroker (<snipped link>) so I signed up.  When I couldn't access my account today, they told me that it was because I had signed up while outside the country and they required a scanned copy of either my driver's license or my US passport.

    That's totally ridiculous.  I dropped them like a hot potato but I've also seen several authors on blogs, posts, articles, etc. who claim to have tried textbroker and be happy with it.

    I just can't shake that scammy feeling.  Why would anyone need a copy of my passport.

    Just thought I'd throw this out there.

    1. Chris Telden profile image87
      Chris Teldenposted 7 years ago in reply to this

      Textbroker is relatively new on the writing scene, I believe.  They had a problem last year.  They said in an email to their writers that due to U.S. tax laws, they had decided only to use writers who were U.S. citizens.  When tax time rolled around, a number of writers had turned out not to be U.S. citizens.  So in February, they started requiring a W-9 once a writer reaches $200. 

      Although it's pure speculation, my guess is that the procedure you describe may be another measure they're taking as a result of being "burned."  That seems more likely to me, anyway, than their being a scam.  Exploitative, yes, as are most flat-fee payment sites for Web content writers.  Fraudulent, I doubt it.

      I write for them--at least, I have in the past.  They paid.  They seemed to me to be professional and legit.

    2. mynameisnotpaul profile image81
      mynameisnotpaulposted 6 years ago in reply to this

      Just to update on this conversation, Textbroker pays TWICE a month now and pay days land on the 5th and 20th. The site is NOT a scam because I've been happily paying my bills via Textbroker.

      I can sit for a few hours and make $30 and then call it a day! smile

  2. Dame Scribe profile image59
    Dame Scribeposted 7 years ago

    Nobody should be askin for that sort of info yikes I would ask em if they mind havin da ID's escorted with da Police wink hehe

  3. artfuldodger profile image61
    artfuldodgerposted 7 years ago

    i use textbroker. they actually aren't bad. haven't had an article turned down yet. i mean, yeah you make more with constant content, but you can back out a quick 20 or 30 bucks really quick a day with textbroker relatively hassle free. they only pay once a month. you request on the 5th and get it via paypay no late than the tenth. i think it's an ok site. worth the time anyway if youre looking for some quick cash or just starting out with freelance work

  4. thisisoli profile image62
    thisisoliposted 6 years ago

    Long time no see mynameisnotpaul!

    I use Textbroker occasionally when I have spare time, it doesn't pay too good but it is pretty reliable!

    they are not a scam, but they are not anything special either.

  5. Arthur Fontes profile image89
    Arthur Fontesposted 6 years ago

    I have used textbroker and did not feel the pay justified my time. My experience with the site was fine.