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Postage stamp of West Berlin, Double-decker bus (1925)

In this web page you will find free cover letters especially for nurses, job transfer letters, apology letters. Writing formal letter will now be easier. You will also get to know how to address a letter.

All these letters are free of cost. You can use them wherever you wish. Feel free to copy, edit and use them for your purpose.

Speaker Invitation Letter

Lets see how to write invitation letter. Letter to invite a speaker to share his/her knowledge at a seminar:

You can use this letter to:

  • invite a speaker to your institute
  • convince a professional to visit your university
  • invite a speaker to share knowledge.

[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]

Dear Sir,

A seasoned person like you is whom we are in dire need of to speak at the seminar we are organizing at our institute.

I am completely aware of your busy schedule. I would appreciate if you speak at our seminar. The topic is : [topic]. This would help us in imparting better knowledge to our students. We conduct seminars occasionally. You will also be beneficial in giving students a taste of how professionals work.We have a tradition of paying our speakers handsomely. We can also pick you from wherever you ask.

You can contact me at [phone] or by email:[email] if you want to discuss other details. I, for one, will be highly indebted if you grant us an opportunity to have you as a speaker at our seminar.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name and signature]

Letter of Apology (Personal Letter)

You can use this letter to:

  • extend your apologies to someone you have hurt.
  • calm down the hurt person.
  • explain why things went wrong.
  • promise that you will not repeat the mistake.

Dear [Mr./Ms. Name]

I would never have let it happen in the first place. But it has happened. Please accept my apologies from the bottom of my heart.

Things tend to go wrong in situations like this. People are more prone to make mistakes under such circumstances. Moreover, we can not undo this mistake. The least I can do is to minimise the aftereffects. I promise you that it wouldn't happen again. Please consider it as a mere occurrence of destiny. I apologize again for what has happened.


[sender's name]

Transfer Letter

You can use this letter to:

  • ask your boss to transfer you to another department
  • let your boss know that transfer can increase your productivity
  • convince your boss that your transfer is in the benefit of the organization


[Addressee Name/Address]

Dear Sir,

Making myself more productive is in the benefit of both of us. And if my transfer to another department does the trick, it would be wonderful.

I have been working in this department for so many days. I feel that I am unable to give 100% of myself to the work. What good would it do if an employee cant work to his/her fullest capability? Transfer to the other department will enable me to get things done in much more efficient way.

I would highly appreciate if you approve this request.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name]

Cover letter for the position of Staff Nurse

You can use this letter to:

  • get yourself job as Staff Nurse
  • give yourself an edge over other applicants
  • convince the Hospital Director to hire you
  • convince that you are the best bet.

[Your Name and address]


[Receiver's name and address]

Dear Madam

Do you want a person who can handle emergencies well and can look after patients in an exceptionally kind manner? If yes, please consider me for the position of Staff Nurse at your hospital.

My experience with the previous employer has enabled me to take on any challenge in this field. Communicating well and performing my tasks within assigned time are some of the qualities that I possess apart from the professional skills.

Would you grant me an interview to discuss further details. You can contact me by phone: [phone] or through email[email]. I can visit your office anytime you wish so.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name]

Cover Letter for the position of Staff Nurse

You can use this letter to:

  • get yourself job as a staff nurse
  • inform that you are experienced.
  • elucidate your qualities

[Sender's Address]


[address of receiver]

Dear [name]

In response to your advertisement in [name of newspaper] of [date] inviting applications for the position of staff nurse, I offer myself as one of the candidate.

I have worked for [hospital's name] for the last [years]. While on job, I handled many difficult situations relating to patients. I also carried out my normal duties with diligence. I have worked alongside many other nurses. My interaction with them allowed me to sharpen my communication skills.

You can reach me at [phone] or [email] if you wish to know other details. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name and signature]

Job Transfer Letter

n this formal letter sender is explaining why he/she wants transfer to another department and how it would be beneficial for him/herself and the company.

[Sender's name and address]


[receiver's name and address]


I, hereby, request you to transfer me to [name of department]. I joined this company just [two/three/four months] ago. I have been trying to fit in but I am afraid I couldn't. The reason is that the job didn't turn out to be as exciting as I thought it would. During this time I found the work in [department] is much more thrilling and exciting. Transfer to that department would greatly boost my

productivity. And this would in turn enhance our company's performance.

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours

[sender's name and signature]

Attention please!

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A-R 8 years ago

this web is very helpful. how about letters of application for fresh graduates?...can you post a sample of which?

Gina 8 years ago

thanks for creating this web for everyone to's very helpful..

micha 8 years ago

hi! this site is so helpful especially to those who really don't know how to start with their own cover letter, like me.. thanks!

Robert 8 years ago

Q:Someone sent me a dating web site around Christmas and I was trying to delet it but I accidentlymailed this site to 25 of my Clients.Do you have a paper,web sit where I can find some type of apology leter I can send my Clients to let them know it wasn't my intentions to do that?

Absar 7 years ago

When i visited your site, it was amazing moment to go through the free sample letter, which really helped me to overcome with good writeup so far. thanks.

Ran 7 years ago

Thumbs up for this site!! It's very useful fo everyone.. more power!!!

weng 7 years ago

hi. nice site for evrybody. im asking for a sample letter for transfer to a job location. i want to transfer to a school near to my residence.

ALAAN DENIS  7 years ago


ghie 7 years ago

can u give me an application letter as a staff nurse for a no work experience.thanx.

pretty 7 years ago

great help for everybody!!!can you post an application letter for staff nurses for those who have no experience???

Shanta 7 years ago

thanks for creating such wounderful website. it is very useful

Jimmy 7 years ago

Thank you for posting this web site. I found exactly what I was looking for.

dq 7 years ago

thank you very much for this is very useful...

jsdbgjosb'df 6 years ago

thank u very much, it helped me wonderfully and awesome. i love u

MacDon 6 years ago

Nice site! I found this helpful. But am looking for a letter of invitation, inviting a firm to honour a graduation ceremony.

vanessasasha profile image

vanessasasha 6 years ago

Very helpful and informative.

Thank you very much greathub!

kwoini 6 years ago

super THANK YOU to this site. i really need to pass my letter tomorrow. this is such a BIG help. cheeers! :))

amita 6 years ago

i love the topics of the letters provided. cox it helped me to practice for my exam....thanks

leo 6 years ago

thanks for posting this really help a lot for those who are just like me who don't know how to write a letter.

Navdeep 6 years ago

hi! this site is Very - Very helpful especially to those who really don't know how to start & End with their own cover letter, like me.. than

nkumar 6 years ago

i need a misbehavior letter to complain to hr dept nkumar

maria 6 years ago

Thanks for this is very useful to everyone.

allana 6 years ago

This web site is really usefull for every one specially school children as us. this site is Very - Very helpful especially to those who really don't know how to start & End with their own cover letter me as well. Thank you again.

sakshi 6 years ago

Thanx for creating such a helpful webpage, it z really v useful for everyone

zneb 6 years ago

thanks you for this web...its very helpful..

NANYSHA 5 years ago


connie 5 years ago

This is very- very useful. please keep it up. Thanks a lot

ritz 5 years ago

a very helpful site

cheers to this site

this is really helpful thanks a lot

keep it up

Nick Lucas 5 years ago

Very Nice! I just wrote an article on resumes and mentioned how important a cover letter is. I am amazed that many people do not use a cover letter. However, I suppose many do not feel comfortable writing one thus a page like this is very helpful. Great Job!

otto oliver 5 years ago

from Ghana.these is splendid,it needs to be awarded.God bless .goodluck

rukku 5 years ago

this site is very useful and specially for collage students.

augustine 4 years ago

best of the best

very educative.

xprofilejobs 4 years ago



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meghabhattacharjee6 2 years ago

NYC.....hope it will work 2morro n xam hall.......

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