14 Funny Canadian Laws

1. In toronto it is illegal to touch a birds nest or its eggs. After 1912 in Toronto's High Park you could not go tobogganing on Sunday. This law has since been repealed.

2. You are not allowed to play a flute, recorder or mouth organ without a permit in public parks in Winsor ontario. You can, however, play acustic guitars and violins.

3. In Canada you can not pay for a 26 cent item with 26 pennies. If an item costs more than 5 dollars it is not legal to pay for it with only nickels. 10 dollar items cannot be paid for entirely with dimes.

4. In Quesnel, British Columbia you must not exercise in a manner that frightens a horse - without permission

5.Don't think that you can move to Britsh Columbia with the intention of killing a sasquatch - it is illegal.

6. Like many people you may have dreamt of moving to St. John's Newfoundland to raise cows. If you are successful in your quest, remember not to drive your cattle through the streets of the city after 8:00 am. There is nothing to stop you from doing before that time, however, as long as they are trained to obey traffic lights and stop signs.

7. Toronto is definently not a pet friendly town. You can not own a tarantula or any other poisonous animal in the city limits. Bats are prohibited. Skunks (even descented ones) can not be kept as a pet. And porcupines? - you get the point.

8. The next time that you are in Souris, P.E.I. and attempt to build a snowman on a corner lot you'll have to keep it less than 76 centimeters high.

9. Training your parrot to talk is not uncommon, but in Oak Bay B.C. you could save yourself a $100.00 fine by training it to whisper. If it squawks or talks loudly enough to distrub someone you have broken the law.

10. So you've adopted ever popular passtime of giving artificially coloured chicks as a gift to friends. It would be advisable not to send one to your friend in Nova Scotia. Trying to sell or give away an artificially coloured baby chicken there could result in a $100.00 fine or up to 30 days in jail.

11. Challenging someone to a duel could land you in jail for two years. It is also illegal to accept a challenge to duel.

12. Do you have a soft spot for animals. It could get you into trouble. If you find an injured migratory game bird in a National Park you are required, by law, to kill it. Not doing so will cost you $200.

13. So for fun you've decided to put a SLOW MOVING VEHICULE sign on your sports car. If you are not driving slowly then you have broken the law in Ontario.

14 The next time you take your llama backpacking in a National Park remember to bring food for it. It will cost you $74 to let a horse, mule, or llama graze on park grass. If you are in a wildlife area and your llama gets hungry it will cost you $300.

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lyricsingray 6 years ago

nice job


winks a canuk from toronto

enjoyed this

thank you


James A Watkins profile image

James A Watkins 6 years ago from Chicago

Very compelling compendium. Thank you for the hoot.

Snakes 5 years ago

This is retarded!!

Leo 4 years ago

Very informative, but please learn to spell!

4 years ago

what's P.E.I?

amber 4 years ago

PEI - Prince edward island

Dan 4 years ago

Do you have a source for this information?

wanksalot 4 years ago

who cares Dan

anonym 4 years ago

if you murder someone you can get away with 3 to 5 years max witch chance of probation. An 18 year old kills a 15 year old, 18 year old gets less than 3 years. Looks like Canada justice promotes killing.

MZ640 4 years ago

In a city across the world, i don't know where, you can't open a soda bottle without a trained engineer

Brian 3 years ago

The Nova Scotia baby chick one is 100% true for sure. Studied that in my high school law class. http://nslegislature.ca/legc/statutes/babychic.htm

Jeff 22 months ago

Retarded! Pet skunks are amazing and yet still with the cat dog mentality

Cindy 12 months ago

HA that is Hilarious wow


horsehumper12 3 months ago

aye bi im a part of a horse humping group

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