Shorty's 19 - 21

Shorty's 19 -21 By Pat Gillem

There once was a boy called Boone,
who always wanted to go to the moon.
While building a rocket, he stripped a sprocket,
and the stupid thing blasted off too soon!

There once was a boy called Darrel,
who fell into an empty whiskey barrel.
The fumes were so bad, he was a drunk little lad,
and he sat in there singing Christmas Carols!

There once was a boy called Dean,
who had a sister that was really mean.
while she slept, into her room he crept,
and painted her face bright green.

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PADDYBOY60 profile image

PADDYBOY60 5 years ago from Centreville Michigan Author

Hi Carlon - Thanks for the award! Lol. I am glad I can make you smile.

Carlon Michelle profile image

Carlon Michelle 5 years ago from USA

Okay, it's official. You get the silly award. Great shorty's!!! Smile!

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