Ghastly Plumes Arise Out Of The Rocks, Intent On Choking The Life From All Nature, The Mother Ever Bearing Our Burdens


Scarred by your ever screaming resistance to the signs

Hard-ass attitude towards life has gotten you nowhere

Once in a while, stop to smell the roses

The only thing in the way is the air, who cares

You take for granted all my suggestions

Just wanted to be heard, one ear said to the other

On with your story of dungeons and maggots

You waste your breath to sneer, who cares

I don't judge you, your sentence has been chosen

With one hand up and the other on the Bible

I swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so tell me God...

and where were you?

Charge with a creed to spread the illusion

You broke the covenant in hatred

All this time I was dreaming ulcers

The only thing in the way is unclear, who cares


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