Picking what you don't perfer

Picking what you don't prefer !

I have been consciously practicing not always choosing what I prefer. The first time I ever did this, I was in a ice cream palor. I was survrying the flavors , trying to determine which would be the most intense Chocolate experience. Suddenly it occurred to me to just step away , close my eyes, and pick a flavor, I did so and much to my horror, I picked Orange Sherbert. I thought , should I go through with this? Yes , I decided. and you know what ? Orange Sherbert is great! Sherbert melts faster on the tongue than ice cream , and though I'm not a fruit - flavor fan, the taste of intense citrus was delicious - unexpectedly delightful and refreshing. And to think, if it weren't for that little experiment, I would have gone to my grave without ever tasting Orange Sherbert. Most of our preferences don't make much difference, like whether to choose Chocolate or Orange, but if you always go with your preference in every matter , than it's harder when it dose matter - like preferring health to cancer. The statistical weight of your choosing what you perfer becomes enormous, and your flexibility sags under it''.

DO YOU MANAGE TO WALK INTO THE UNEXPECTED REALMS LIKE THIS? CAN YOU RELATE TO WHAT i'm saying?..............just think about it ...........................it can change so many things in your life...

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it really makes you think about things. 1 comment

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Handicapped Chef 8 years ago from Radcliff Ky Author

If you would like the recipe to make sherbert feel free to e-mail me at spiceitupdv8@hotmail.com .

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