All is real all is lost, when pain is at hand whom will pay the cost?, You, thy, society in general? Thus no one knows until it is someone’s funeral. Relationships are real maybe too real, and heartbreaks are well really surreal. In disbelief here I stand with only the question why me? Till this day. I need not to get involved thus it may only be left, as always, to remain unresolved. Solitude and isolation is thus the solution of which countless human beings such as you and I, turn to and we expect nothing less, nevertheless. Lesson learned. I will always prevail in all I do but never get involved for my fate remains in solitude.
Thy world is shifting my mind is wiser, my experience is stronger, and it shall only deceit me to remain in lies, thus till the day that I die…

Personal Entry: "I wrote this during a time of despair, darkness, emotional pain, and no gain in sight. For myself, I tried, and tried gave my all as I always have, but can never seem to be well, loved..."

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