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Difference between Helium.com and Hubpages

Helium.com is another writing portal like Hubpages.com, for writers. I currently hold 2 writing stars, and am a marketplace approved writer on Helium.com. I recently joined Hubpages. Hubpages is somewhat different from Helium in the following ways:

1) In Hubpages.com - to generate revenue - you associate your account with Amazon, Ebay, Kontera and Adsense.

Helium.com has it's own collaborations, and depending on the traffic your article generates, you'll get compensated with a share of Helium's ad revenue.

Points to realize are:

On Hubpages, Amazon ads and Adsense pay a lot, but only if a reader clicks them. You should also customize your ads properly to get maximum benefit.

Helium is very easy. No hassles. Just login, and write.

2) In Helium.com there are thousands of already existing article titles, and you may write only under those titles. The titles are categorized and sub categorized, making it easy to find a title of one's choice to write.

It's easy to write for an already existing title, because you do not have to spend time thinking about a title. Downside being that your title will not be unique, and you face competition with other articles under the same title.

You may also suggest more topics on Helium, and Helium board will review your suggestion and decide whether they need the title or whether a similar title exists.

In hubpages, you can write any article, under any topic; and your title will be a unique one.

3) There are various contests on Helium where you can upto $50 per contest. You can also sell your articles at 'Helium Marketplace' for anywhere from $30 to $100.

I'm yet to discover such a feature on Hubpages.

4) Hubpages is extremely interesting to write for. It has a lot of capsules that your can add to make your hub look appealing. You can add news, images, videos, etc. relating to your article and your hub will look very vibrant.

You cannot modify the layout of your Helium article, or add any photo or video.

5) Hubpages referral systems are great. You can even link to another person's hub and earn a percentage of their income.

On Helium.com, you can only refer someone by sending an invitation to their email address..

Ways to join Helium.com:

1) Please PM me your email address and I'll send you an invitation to join.

Advantage - You can contact me for any query, suggestion or advice.

2) You can join directly at Helium.com.

Ways to join Hubpages.com:

1) Join here Hubpages.com.

Helium.com leapfrogging

What is Helium.com leapfrogging?

If you write an article and your rank is very low (lower than 50th percentile) you should review and modify the article to make it more appealing. In such a case, you basically leapfrog your article and submit a better and revised version.

What does Helium.com leapfrogging do?

Both the articles you submitted are rated by three users. Most often than not, the user rates both article as same to give benefit to the writer. When an article is rated 'same', benefit is given to the newer article. The article which gets more rates will finally be published. Mostly the newer article is the one that gets published.

What happens after leapfrog?

When you leapfrog an article, the final selected article is placed in the original rank of the former article. If the rank was below 50th percentile, it is placed at 50th percentile. Then the article undergoes another round of rating like a normal article.

What are the benefits of Leapfrogging your article on Helium.com?

If your article is below 50th percentile, leapfrog is definitely advantageous as it gives you the opportunity to be ranked above that.

If your article is already in top 50th percentile, depending on the quality of your replacing article, it's rank may go up or down.

What I would suggest:

If your article rank is below 50th percentile, definitely leapfrog your article.

If your article rank is within top 50th percentile and you feel it deserves better ranking than what it already has, leapfrog it.

My experience with helium.com leapfrogging so far:

I once had an article that was at rank 2 . That was my second article submission. My first one had become rank 1 out of 60. I leapfrogged the second one because I wanted it to follow the footsteps of its predecessor, and it now stands at rank 3. I hate myself for doing that leapfrog and am afraid to again do a leapfrog on it.

I had another article at rank 27 out of 197. I leapfrogged it (it's a poem) and it's now at rank 20.

Some additional points:

1) You can leapfrog your article without making any changes in it too.

2) There are some other great sites where you can post your already written articles to earn performance payments like Helium and Hubpages*. One of them being AssociatedContent.com.

*A pattern of publishing non-unique content might affect your HubScore, but helium.com articles can be submitted anywhere without any affect on your rank.

Please do not hesitate to PM me to for details about other sites or for any other queries you might have.

I hope this article helps in clearing doubts about Helium Leapfrog and helps you understand the difference between the workings of Hubpages and Helium. If you like this hub and find it useful, please rate it below as 'useful', 'beautiful' or suchlike. Thank You..:)

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bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 6 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

This was a well written and very interesting article.I'm fairly new to hubbing, and had not heard of Helium.

megsshere profile image

megsshere 6 years ago from California Author

Hello bayoulady, welcome to Hubpages. I'm extremely glad you found this hub helpful. You will find both Hubpages and Helium.com very interesting. Both will help you generate some nice extra pocket cash. You can message me regarding any queries anytime.

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