Hello Honey

a flower for passion


Perhaps we could walk and talk in this field of Poppies.
Perhaps we could walk and talk in this field of Poppies.

Hello Honey

by A. Gagliardi

Hello Honey,

Where are you?

Tell me;

did you laugh,

did you cry,

did you meet her by and by?

Hello honey,

Have you been true?

Tell me:

did you wait,

did you sigh,

did you ever wonder why?

Like my time,

Did yours crawl by?

I live and breath for you.

Please be true.

I keep thinking of you.

And hoping you love me too.

Hello Honey.

Where have you been?

Have you been true?

Did you think of me

Like I thought of you?

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agaglia profile image

agaglia 5 years ago Author

Perhaps you wonder about your lover too, like the person in this poem.

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