Staring in the mirror

Seeing the sadness in my face

The turmoil has been set by what cannot be replaced

Things that are beautiful

Things that are true

Things that now, are permanently askew

The words flow as easily as the tears down my cheeks

And contact with you, I will always seek

Whether its here, or in the afterlife

Or in the very depths of my slumber

My thoughts are always of you and leave me so very somber

My life now only consists of strife

The grief and pain of not knowing

If you hear me when I am wishing



That you know I think of you

And how much I wish I had said ‘I love you’

This is what kills me the most

But life has trained me to be cold

A statement common and getting quite old

But your memory lives in me ‘till the day I join you

So I’ll say it now…

Grandma, I love you

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shadowdrive 6 years ago from In your mind.

Quite beautiful. Very nice.

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jasmin1322 6 years ago Author


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