her heart

Fear of sadness......Fear of life itself
Fear of sadness......Fear of life itself

Her Heart

This beautiful girl

Wakes up to realize no one is there

This world Is cruel

No one cares.

She can feel her heart breaking and no one is there to hear her cries for help

She is all alone


wishing there was something else

Those beautiful tears

release the pain she feels.

Night falls apon the world

She doesn't know if she will make it to see morning.

She can feel her heart breaking.

She doesn't have a shoulder to cry on.

She is all alone...

dammed and forsaken.....

The dreams she had has faded away.

The world turned its back and left her to stray.

This beautiful girl will not shed a tear.

Tonight is the night to fall asleep......

Within temptation- Utopia


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