Emotional Hurt - Her Pain

Please don't get mad
Don't make this hard
Don't sob
Just open up
Just let me help you

The eyes are the windows to the soul
Won't even make eye contact
You won't let me in
You just shut me out
Shut your eye lids
Close your curtains

You won't let me see inside everything you just hide I'm left to seek
If you want to play childrens' games of tag let me be the one to catch you when you fall and rescue you from your pain

Why not play games of doll house
Ease your stress on the couch
Swallow your inhibitions at the table
Wash away your pain in the shower
Lay your fears to rest in the bed
Too bad your back door is bolted

Let me erase your hurt
I will write your worth
Like a compass I will guide your hand
Help you draw your own path
You will be ruler of your own mind and heart
Remain stationary against misfortune, independent and strong
Don't get me wrong
All I wish to do is assist

So much for a monopoly
Just you alone not you and me
Roll the dice with both hands
You would not even give me a chance
Settle for the community chest
But still you won't open up to me

Don't you know you're a treasure in plain sight I'm looking for you
You crossed yourself out i see the X on the map
Let me be the key to your riches and richness

I can never touch you through this glass wall
Cannot break the barrier that blocks our bond
Fogged and misty with all your hurt
I can never see you through this glass window
Too much pane holds it up

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Emotional Suffering

The simple fact is everybody has problems. Everybody is going or has gone through some experience that caused them pain or grief at varying levels some time in life. The majority of us get over this trauma. But there are some of us that are left scarred. Not necessarily that some don't get over it, but some people are just lose a piece of themselves during the experience and really have no idea how to get it back. What's worse is that emotional hurt is on the inside; nobody knows the person is suffering, so no one tries to help, and the suffering person never asks for help.

The problem is more prevalent and apparent in females than males. Males would either not be traumatised as much or simply ignore and bury the problem so deep that it wouldn't show itself directly as emotional hurt. Females on the other hand are the gentler "emotional" gender, and are much more sensitive and vulnerable to being hurt emotional. That being said a lot men are hurt emotionally but society says males cannot express their hurt or they won't be a "real man". This causes men to bottle it all up and leads to aggressive and violent behaviour.

Scarred men and women both shy away from social engagements. They become self-absorbed and lack awareness about events in their surroundings. They always try to make themselves as least noticeable as possible, are always distracted and are visibly uncomfortable in social interactions. Possibly most evident is their lack of confidence. They never seem too sure about anything .

While most people do not notice, someone with a romantic interest in said hurt person will notice the scars. As you must get to know someone in and out(usually) in a romance all the person's hurt comes to the surface. It can take a long while using lots of patience but a person who is hurt must first be taught to love themselves before they can love another.

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