Hide and Seek (i hide and i seek)

i hide and i seek


Game of Fun - Love make it Sick

I used to play when I was a kid

All day and night, don’t wanna sleep

It’s funny to know the game of hide and seek

Somehow ironic, love makes it sick

At a count of ten, you have to hide

One two three four and five

Six seven eight nine and ten

‘Almost found you on my side

I saw you because of a sign,

Don’t get mad if I cross the line

You think of it just like a crime

Sorry for this, didn’t mean calling you “mine”

Now it’s time for me to hide

Have to go away from your side

You don’t need a 10 just a five

I’m carelessly half alive

Here I am, thinking you don’t know

Hide myself, my feelings in a row

Some people covers they don’t show

Playing with us, they come and go

“Where are you?” you said

Am I dreaming or am I dead?

Here at the dark of emptiness

Throwing you a glance of thread

You are the seeker you know it right,

You have busted me unclearly

Pretending I’m out of your sight

Ending this game coz you are light

I admire your tenderness

I love you and you’re not clueless

Asking if I should continue this craziness

Or just forget it, I might be in a mess

It’s hard to end this thing

Just wanted you and I playing

Lays me in a toss and turn of acting

Not easy to chase you while I am hiding

Before this game will be sober

I will treasure this forever

Things will change and we may not be together

It will linger to hide till it’s over


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