O li'l one!

O li'l one..

Do you feel afraid?

About stepping any further?

In this world of filth?

Do you sometimes feel,

That you'll lose your mind?

That you'll take the wrong turn?

And ruin yourself?

Terrified ,aren't u?

Huh, li'l one?

Why do you deny?

Your eyes say it all.

Give up feigning tough,

My sweet child.

Any further and you'll drown.

Weighed down by the boulder of emotions.

Why do you insist?

On keeping up this farce?

It's okay to cry!

No one would mind!

Malice is painful,

Isn't it, child?

Ah! Don't worry dear,

Because we're all afraid of the same!

Hold my hands ,wont you, my love?

It's too bleak ahead,

And the warmth of your palms,

Gives the warmth to my soul.

Cocooned by fantasies,

We walk in the reality.

Guarded by Denial,

We fail to see the malice of truth.

But yet this goes on,

Without signs of stopping.

Why fool ourselves like this?

Tell me, O li'l one!

Just an ounce of courage,

To reach the terrible truth,

To face the somber reality...

That's all it takes, my sweet.

But can you blame us?

Not a soul, my child.

We don't have the guts to walk,

Without a footprint besides ours.

So hold hands and share the warmth,

It wouldn't change the reality.

But it'll lift the cloak of deception.

And ease the fear we're all so afraid of.

So let us make that first footprint.

With locked hands and an uncertain future.

Child, let us start towards the reality,

With a million pains and a billion smiles.

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Ghaelach 5 years ago

Hi Shruti.

Fear is a thing that we all have at sometime or another and with children we have to help them fight this monster. Your poem shows a lot of the fears. Well written.

Take care.

LOL Ghaelach

SummerFrost77 5 years ago

It's really great and I love the message of it ! keep up the good work ^^ I'm proud to say I'm your fan !

shruti.p.v profile image

shruti.p.v 5 years ago Author

@ Ghaelach

thank you so much for your compliment. I am really happy that you found my poem worth reading!

shruti.p.v profile image

shruti.p.v 5 years ago Author

@ Summer

m glad u liked it summer!! nd u hv no idea how much happy it makes me to hear that from you , someone who's even better skilled than myself!

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