Pride and Prejudice: How a Classic Novel Taught a Fourteen Year-old to love Period Pieces.

When I was a sophomore in high school I had the great privilege of taking my end of the year exams early as I was in the running to be on the honor roll. Of course, with three awards and, back then, with five of us competing for a medal, it was a competition. I eventually found out that I placed fourth and that meant I was not part of the commencement exercise, which was practiced daily. I also could not ‘hang’ with my other classmates since I knew the answers to the exams they were currently suffering through. With our ‘fifth’ out sick, I was left alone for two weeks and nothing to do in my school’s library. I spent that time, instead of being bored senseless, changing my life. How? By reading Pride and Prejudice for the first time.


I looked upon it with suspicion born from countless hours spent forcing myself to read and enjoy Shakespeare. Delivered in the monotonous voice of a less than enthusiastic teacher, I felt that anything written before the 1990’s would make me snooze. (No worries, I have since then grown a tremendous appreciation for the Bard’s works, but I do digress). But as my librarian was a tremendously strict lady, who didn’t allow people to sleep in her precious domain, I viewed the book as a less evil alternative to staring blankly into space.

From the very first word, I was hooked. The book gave a tremendously good first impression with its opening, ”It is a truth universally acknowledged that a man in possession of fortune must be in want of a wife." It was a concept so different from what I grew up knowing that I could not put the book down. Ask my best friend about it since I forgot to meet her for lunch that day.


Any romantic who reads Pride and Prejudice would probably spend days gushing about the totally dreamy Mr. Darcy and how they’d want to meet one someday. But while I had romantic fantasies (Hello, adolescent girl still hoping for her first kiss?) I didn’t just dream about Mr. Darcy. I fell in love with the entire thing. From the sweet and beautiful Jane Bennett to the out of place ugly duckling, Mary and even the condescendingly rude Lady Catherine of Rosings Park.

If you’ve fallen in love you know what a tremendous rush it is and reading (and consequently rereading) the classic was no doubt my first experience regarding love. While I was, and still am, a mystery story lover, Pride and Prejudice converted me into full blown love of period pieces whether in print or on screen.


Yes, the book has outdated values and traditions in terms of relationships between men and women, but that’s what made it so attractive to me. The way they dressed was beautiful and the language they use makes the most eloquent of today’s speakers sound like a slang-speaking toddler.

Anyway, even if you don’t like romance you won’t exactly hate this book. It’s all about human interaction in a time long gone and to my way of thinking, it’s an accurate view of little slices from that time period. To this day, like I said above, I still maintain a tremendous love of period pieces. Of course, being my first, I have a special place for Mr. Darcy and his Lizzie in my heart and have yet to get tired of them (I never will)!

Pride & Prejudice
Pride & Prejudice

This is the 2005 movie adaptation of this timeless classic. It's not completely faithful to the book but the imagery is beautiful and the soundtrack is worthy of a few lazy days for daydreaming.

Episode 1
Episode 1

This is the first out of six episodes from the 1995 BBC miniseries. It's long but for anything else, it has Colin Firth as the gorgeous Mr. Darcy. (I know I didn't resist.)

Sense and Sensibility
Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen wrote 5 other novels and this one is as beautiful as Pride and Prejudice.


Here's a sample of the beautiful soundtrack of the 2005 version,

What's your favorite movie adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?

  • The 1940 version (Laurence Olivier + Greer Garson)
  • The 1995 mini (Colin Firth + Jennifer Ehle)
  • The 2005 version (Matthew McFadyen + Keira Knightley)
  • I haven't really seen any of them, to be honest
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Guestbook 31 comments

SusanDeppner profile image

SusanDeppner 21 months ago from Arkansas USA Level 5 Commenter

What a wonderful review! You make me want to pick up the book right now!

carlyflames profile image

carlyflames 21 months ago from Philippines Hub Author

@SusanDeppner: Thanks Susan! I really really love this book.. Like, if I could take just one book with me love. <3

Adventuretravels profile image

Adventuretravels 21 months ago from London UK Level 2 Commenter

I don't remember the first time I read Pride and prejudice, but I remember the first time I saw the 1940 film with Laurence Olivier - it gave me a deep feeling of what it must be like to be in love with! I was very young but I have never forgotten this film. Fancy watching it again now and reading it too. Fabulous book and fabulous review.

andreea22 profile image

andreea22 21 months ago

This is a great lens, carlyflames! Congratulations on review of the day! :)

cure2fit 21 months ago

awesome to read it...

thanks for it...

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MVKilgore profile image

MVKilgore 21 months ago

Great wife is a bigger fan than I though :)

carlyflames profile image

carlyflames 21 months ago from Philippines Hub Author

@MVKilgore: Hahaha. Sadly, I've not been able to persuade any guy to read it.XD Thanks btw!:)

Zeross4 profile image

Zeross4 21 months ago from Kentucky

This is a great book, I too love the introduction :)

carlyflames profile image

carlyflames 21 months ago from Philippines Hub Author

@Zeross4: Thanks! It's one of my go-to books. <3 The introduction really makes the book, I think. ;D

carlyflames profile image

carlyflames 21 months ago from Philippines Hub Author

@Adventuretravels: I'll be honest.. I've only seen parts of the 1940 version when I came upon it on TV by chance. I've yet to come across a copy but it's definitely on my wishlist! :) Thank you so much! =D

carlyflames profile image

carlyflames 21 months ago from Philippines Hub Author

@andreea22: Thank you Andrea! I can't believe it, tbh. <3

sybil watson 21 months ago

Love this review! I've always had such an admiration for Jane Austen, who gave us a glimpse into all the complexities of being a woman in the Regency period. Congratulation on getting Review of the Day.

carlyflames profile image

carlyflames 21 months ago from Philippines Hub Author

@sybil watson: Thanks, I am very glad you like it!:) Oh, me too, definitely. Kinda takes me back to being 14 and bursting into random tantrums so my dad would buy me all of Austen's books. (which he did. <3) HAHA. Anyway, thank you! I definitely didn't expect it. <3

GrammieOlivia 21 months ago

What a great review you have put together. I loved it!

Colin323 21 months ago

Austen' s best work - she can suggest so much in a few choice and cultured words; puts many modern novelists to shame.

priyanshu6 profile image

priyanshu6 21 months ago

dear Carlyflames, i had the same experience as you had when i first read a classic piece of work. For the first time i couldn't understand the beauty of those great works but now it is so difficult for me to resist any classic novel and especially that of Austen's. I have read all her work and am a great admirer of her work. Loved reading your review. It brought back my memories too.........

Carmel Aaron profile image

Carmel Aaron 21 months ago

I just love Pride and Prejudice. I have all 3 of the videos and the book. Jane Austen was so way ahead of her time. She set a great example of demonstrating that we should write what we know. And her novels are so character filled and full of reality. Thank you for this lens.

glowchick 21 months ago

Great review! I love the book too, although I read it when I was an adult. It is truly great literature :)

anonymous 21 months ago

Good review. I wrote a review of the movie too! :) Great job

Merrci profile image

Merrci 21 months ago from Oregon's Southern Coast

Wonderful review. It makes me want to read it again--it has been a long time. Congrats on Review of the day!

lisa-reynolds-359126 21 months ago

Love the film. Great review. :-)

trevorjb1406 profile image

trevorjb1406 21 months ago

I read this book for my exams when I was about 16yrs old. I still love the film because some of the script makes me laugh and I like the sarcasm of certain comments. Beautifully produced story which never gets boring. Really nice lens and well done for the lens of the day!

Brite-Ideas profile image

Brite-Ideas 21 months ago from Toronto, Canada

congratulations to you on review of the day, and I do love this movie :)

PAINTDRIPS profile image

PAINTDRIPS 21 months ago from Fresno CA Level 6 Commenter

Congrats on Review of the Day!

TerriCarr profile image

TerriCarr 21 months ago

I don't know if I could ever have the patience to read Jane Austen....though I love all the movies. I often have to reread a sentence 3 times to figure out what the heck she is saying :-)

SanaSalim 21 months ago

Really nice review!!

susan369 21 months ago

Great review! I used to read Jane Austin back at university. You can really get into the language after a while. I've got her entire collection on my Kindle. I need more time to read!

Charito1962 profile image

Charito1962 21 months ago from Manila, Philippines Level 4 Commenter

Wonderful review, kabayan! Congrats for being selected Review of the Day! I'm so proud of you!

Jerome77 LM profile image

Jerome77 LM 21 months ago

masterpiece!Big ups.

ChocolateLily 21 months ago

Great review! I felt the same way when first I read it in that I was skeptical but ended up loving it. I think what I've grown to wish for most is the values and roles from that time period.

flycatcherrr profile image

flycatcherrr 21 months ago

I'm not much of a romantic, but I am a big Jane Austen fan. She was a very astute observer of human nature!

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