if there was such a thing.

Receive from which I can give

For you, none is held back

All exposed ,

Though none withered or cold

Because your love is ..

Well just that Your love

Unequivocally pure and unmatched

More golden then the sun's hue

Is what i feel for you

To say you make my day brighter Is an understatement

I know this poem wont do it ..

It can not fill you in on how much i love you that is.

Because no matter how many words or lines I write

I ll always come up short of expression

See babe I have a confession

The love i have for you will never die cause even when we do,

I ll still love you

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drjasonhill01 profile image

drjasonhill01 5 years ago from Pisgah, Al

Simple and from the heart. Doesn't get much better.

giftedwriter86 profile image

giftedwriter86 5 years ago from new castle ,de Author

thank you sir!

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