I'm not a cliche.

I'm not a cliche I dont always do what I say,

people laugh at me then run away,

it's not what I try to do,

make an impression then see it through.

Im just a normal guy,

doing what ever I can do just to get by,

it's not easy trying to play the game,

I don't want to be a cliche I want to be the same,

others seem to have a special power,

it's like they hold a neon light on top of a tower,

they scramble toward an honest days pay,

they are admired for the things they say,

me Im just a simple dude,

words don't come out easy but when they do I just sound rude,

I'm always expected to say something wrong,

just like the lyrics of an explicit song,

there doesn't seem no room in my vocabulary,

for any sincere apology,

my life is always put to the test,

I don't seem to get the breaks like the rest,

my effort seems all to blame,

im made from flesh and blood just the same,

people around stop and stare,

it' like no one seems to care,

I'm always watching where ive stood

just for once I'd like to feel good,

I'd like to say what I choose,

words become a stumbling block that I use,

sentences fade and melt,

nobody sees what I felt,

so I turn and slowly walk away,

I don't want to be another cliche,

but I'm ignored like a fading smile,

Im just a shadow for you to beguile.

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Mark Psychedlic profile image

Mark Psychedlic 5 years ago from Birmingham UK Author

TThankyou for your comments

Becky Katz profile image

Becky Katz 5 years ago from Hereford, AZ

This is awesome. You put some feeling in this. Very conflicting and confusing feelings.

Dee42 profile image

Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

Alright! I liked that. So honest, great hub.

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