in the darkness I wheep (Poem)

by KyAuna Mills

 written at age 9, thought i would see what you thought

No one will notice the girl with her dreams broken
To her with joy no one has spoken
she wears old tattered clothes once were a dress
Her hair is a big matted mess
Her face is so hollow and so bare
But from her dark corner all she does is stare
Her eyes are clouded and pained
Her once ivry skin is now dirt and blood stained
During the day she stays out of sight
Only roaming the streats in the comfort of night
Listen closly of the girl in your mind i know you can see
Listen closly for soon you will see, the girl that i speak of is me
I roam the streets and cry out with a hollow wheep
All around me is broken sleep
Do not shiver at my haunting cries
If you hear them you can hear the pain i feel from all the told lies
My heart is bleeding like it has for years
my only comfort now are my own bitter tears
In day in the corner i sleep
In the darkness I weep


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