Sheldon Siegel is a great CSI-Courtroom Twist writer!

How i discovered this great legal fiction writer?

i love reading books. Genre romance, chiclits, horror, thriller, etc and specifically crime scene related with court room twist stories. One day while i was walking at the mall, i come across a mini booksale bookshelves at the center of the mall. They are selling secondhand books at very affordable prices from good to mint condition. As i began scanning for interesting ones, this particular book caught my eye, not because it looks good and colorful from the cover itself but by the title itself. Honestly speaking the book is in good condition with creases on edges of the cover but all in all are still readable. The book's title is 'Special Circumstances'. A lot of scenarios and instances in my mind plays with the title, thinking what kind of special circumstances could that be. And so i read the synopsis, it was indeed interesting because it made me bought it! I am so excited in reading it. Well i was never wrong that indeed the money was worth it! I love the book, as i started it, i don't wanna put the book down because every scenario is thrill and page turner! Like i don't wanna be disturb because i am now at the verge of knowing who's who from the story.

So for all those who love reading legal thriller, CSI like fiction books, i highly recommend to all of you to read this book because it made me bought his other book series, not a used one, entitled, 'Incrimination Evidence' a sequel to Special Circumstances!


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