What is it, Poetry, to me ?

It's like a cloud...

It flies above my head, in sky,

To touch the stars.

And while I am standing,

On the land, and singing loud,

My words are traveling:

From Venus to the Mars...

What is it, Poetry, to me ?

It's sunshine morning...

It clears my spirit and my soul,

Like a stream.

One day - it's warm, another day, -

It's windy, storming.

Today - it's real,

And tomorrow - just a dream...

What can I do without Poetry ?

No doubts...

I won't make another step

And have my way.

It's in my heart, it's in my head,

It's in the clouds.

Without Poetry

There is no other day...

January 2008

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threeg5 profile image

threeg5 8 years ago

I will hope that after you read my poetry that I have posted you and and others will enjoy reading it as much as I have enjoyed reading your poetry.

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