Beyond The Wall

Beyond the Wall

Nerves tremble, apprehension sets in.
I fight the urge to retreat.
My anxiety-ridden eyes peak over the wall.
I see an unobtainable circus of desire.
Last time I reached for her...
She disappeared like a magic trick.
My fears resonate for a fistful of reasons.
One – I must throw out my old couch.
Two – I must throw myself to the wolves.
Three – I must once again pass a test.
Four – I might trip and fall down again.
Five – it might be a mirage anyways.
Alas, the wall is not vertically challenged,
And they smell my rancid stink of worry.
They will soon see me, and my weapons.
We will fight, and the victor will be
But... I will fight.


I have an upcoming decision and choice to make and it may not work out. This poem reflects the apprehension to make the decision to at least try, despite the unknown outcome. I wrote this to help myself put things in the perspective I needed to see the entire picture. Hopefully it can help you as well, or just enjoy it for what it is. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!

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miss_jkim profile image

miss_jkim 6 years ago

I like this and I look forward to your outcome. Writing has always been very therapeutic to me. It helps to sort out what lays between the heart and the mind.

Welcome and good luck.

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