I didn’t make this decision,
But my vision has risen.
Creatures amuck!
People scream, “Oh f**k!”
I did not intend,
To scare them in the end,
It kind of just happened,
Right from the backend,
From behind my cranium
I think there is titanium
But I cannot recall,
And it can’t be y’all.

I couldn’t keep track,
Of the memory stack.
But suddenly I could see,
A pop culture fantasy.
Dracula and Frankenstein,
Wolf-man and Mr. Hyde.
But where the hell was Jekyll?
Too late there’s a speckle,
It’s a raging unicorn,
With a bloody horn.
It’s heading toward some people,
I hope they hide in the steeple.

God can’t intervene,
Because he’s nowhere to be seen...
Isn’t that so typical,
Or is it just satirical?
I mean, monsters galore!
And they said I was a whore.
But they came from my head,
And now thousands are dead.
I suppose it is my doing,
But I was never stewing.
And I said before the horde,
I think I am just bored.

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