Your amber liquid swirls around as you consider
Another sip or stealing a glance from your beloved.
She vacates; a cigarette rolls between her thumb and finger.
Your companion, silent, still accompanies you.

Amidst a sea of people, you feel singled out;
Yet, no one looks at you, except maybe your friend.
His glass is empty, but his wallet is destitute;
And you finally take that sip.

A row of inebriation sits at the bar and you see it all.
Rowdy laughter erupts, but nothing was funny to you.
You spot a blue haired, red dressed woman. She smiles
To a lady of the night, and brushes the hair from her face.

Finally, she reappears, her breath of pungent ash;
As repulsive as it once was, it’s comforting, now.
She is insistent to depart and you wonder if she
Ran into an ex-lover or if she is merely – done.

The raucous diminishes to cricket chirps
and sparse Doppler engine noise as you,
Your girlfriend, and your companion trek away,
In a bipedal zig-zag of heavy, wavy, thoughts.

You glance back, and you see the blue-haired,
Harmless predator. She kisses goodbye to her Betty.
You think to kiss your lady. Before you know it,
You’ve found yourself in bed, asleep, alone.


This was written purposely in second person, as you can see, and is inspired by true events that happened recently. It's a brand new poem that was just written as part of both my personal goal to write an average of 4 poems a week and part of the '30 in 30' challenge on hubpages. Thanks for checking this one out!

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DStettler profile image

DStettler 6 years ago

Very good I just hope no les-cougar comes after you for it. :P

leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

I love it. Awesome. Keep up the good work.

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