Office Romance

Office Romance

One day in spring, late last year,
She was hired to work here.
For this girl I did see,
But she didn’t see me.

I stepped up, offered to train,
Eventually, I learned her name.
She got it fast and moved on,
Before I knew it, I was on my own.

She said hi once, I’d see her later.
She smiled at me in the elevator.
After a while, I asked her to lunch,
Got so scared, I invited a bunch.

All of these... group situations
Weren't good for our relations.
Once I saw her making top ramen,
The perfect in, I found something in common.

“Budget eating at its best!”
A giggle, a smile, I continued to jest;
She laughed, I joked, then we ate.
Ten after one, oops we were late!

Phone numbers exchanged,
Good buddies we became.
I didn't want to be friend zoned,
But being blunt I didn’t condone.

Her birthday was soon,
At the end of June.
My waiting was plenty,
And tomorrow was June twenty.

When I got back to my house,
I clicked on the mouse.
I browsed the world web, wide.
Oh how I tried and tried.

Until later that hour,
I found a delivery of flowers.
Sadly, the roses were too much,
But I followed a hunch;

So small daisies I clicked.
White with yellow I had picked.
Credit card info, then accept,
And premature tears of joy I wept.

How perfect, or so I thought,
And that bouquet was then bought.
There goes two weeks of pay,
But she’s worth it any day.

So on the day of the day of all days,
Which, by the way, was her birthday,
I watched for those flowers to come;
When all the sudden, my plan was undone!

In walked a florist, a bit too soon,
Not to mention, he held five balloons,
Chocolates, in a big heart box,
And five dozen roses; I was in shock!

Did I mention this was all for her?
The girl I had my eye on for a year?
All of this came from some bloke,
My daisies arrived, clearly a joke.

I found out soon, this came from Chad,
Senior marketing exec, the boss is his dad.
Her beautiful heart that we both vied,
Was now his, as inside I had died.

She smiled bigger than I’d ever seen,
So I decided, my desk I would clean.
Over educated and under paid,
‘Twas a sign – having my heart flayed.

I gave love a solid fair chance,
It spit in my face, so took my last glance,
As I walked out from this job,
She was missing, probably with that slob.

I held back my tears for fear of regret,
Keep my ego up, and have no cheeks wet.
It was just a crush, and I’d soon be far,
As I sauntered myself back to my car.

I opened the door, was caught off guard,
She smiled at me, holding my daisies and card.
“Where are you going?” her eyes asked,
“I am leaving right now, today is my last.”

I stumbled, confused, not sure what to say,
She said instead, “Let’s leave together today.”
“What about Chad?” I just had to rant,
“Stop being dumb! It’s you that I want.”


This is a funny, non formally structured love-themed poem that I had been working on for a while that isn't meant to be taken too seriously. Elements of it may ring true for some of you, and if it's nice to see the little guy win for once -- enjoy! All comments welcomed. Again, this poem isn't meant to be taken too seriously, nor is it very deep -- I know that! :)

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Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 6 years ago from Upstate New York

Cool poem. I didn't expect the happy ending.

leni sands profile image

leni sands 6 years ago from UK

Great poem, nice style, good rhythm and rhyme

jdflom profile image

jdflom 6 years ago from Sacramento, CA Author

Thank you for the compliments!

alqx profile image

alqx 6 years ago from Singapore

Brilliant! I love the way you rhyme and structure your poetry in such an orderly manner.

You clutched my heart for the two minutes I spent reading this.

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