Old Friend

Old Friend

Summer was once coveted
As a playful, youthful time
When we laughed and ran
And swam and played catch.

We were all young pups,
Eager to conquer the world.
You fell out of a tree once,
I tried to break your fall.

Time may heal all wounds,
But it steals memories.
My nose remains dry, chapped and
Unreachable with my cone of shame.

When you finally come back
From the four year vacation,
I’m pretty much a statue,
And there isn’t much left.

I hardly recognize you,
But the faint smells of your
Childhood lingers in your aura;
And I smile, one more time.

I lay beside you, my eyes heavy.
My fur is dry, tough, knotted,
And when you finally caress me...
My tail wags just once, then stops.


This is from the point of view of my old Dog, Sammy (1999-2005); had she got to finish her full life, I imagine this is how she would have seen the end of her life whenever it would have been.

She unfortunately passed before either of us were ready and she was still a young pup to me. So this is dedicated to all of those dog owners out there who had their dogs live a full, healthy life.

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DStettler profile image

DStettler 6 years ago

I know how it is to lose a pet that's close to you. They are more then a pet, but part of the family.

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