Criminally Insane?
Or minimally inane?
I am childish and frivolous;
You see wildish and villainous.
You don’t need a syllabus
Just to see the silliness.
Gentle and harmless,
I like you regardless.
Pushing me away?
Or Wishing I will stay?
I can take you for a ride
If you take a side.
I want your approval;
Not my removal.
So will you take my hand?
I think it would be grand!
This isn’t a proposal;
My heart’s at your disposal...
But not the garbage kind;
Can’t have that on my mind.
Your words can let me in,
Like the softness of your skin.
Pleasant, appealing...
A peasant is stealing
Your heart, I hope,
Or maybe I’m a dope;
As I bow to my queen,
Or a princess I mean,
And you’re my one; my only;
Without you I’m lonely.
That sounded pathetic!
Unless my heart’s prosthetic,
I’m heels under head,
I often wonder what I said...
Eh, I think if you were here,
To hear this little cheer,
You’d have a smile to your face
And I’d give up my chase.
But instead I stand alone
And no one’s on the phone.
Just in case you’re listening,
And your eyes are glistening,
From my every word,
As I chirp on like a bird,
I’d be okay with your rejection...
If only it wasn’t my reflection.

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