10 Jokes for Kids

Hi kids, are you looking for jokes to tell your friends? On this hub you will find 10 easy jokes to tell your friends. You can cheer up a friend who may not be having a good day, as the saying goes "Laughter is the best medicine"....so go tell a joke ----make them smile or have a giggle.

If you like to share some of your jokes with us, please don't hesitate to write it on the comment box.... Cheers.!!!

What did the hat say to the scarf?

You hang around and I’ll go ahead.


When does the alphabet only have 24 letters?

When U and I aren’t there.


What was the wizard’s favourite band?



What do sea monsters eat?

Fish and ships


What does a dentist call his X-rays?

Tooth pics!

More Jokes . . .

Why can’t 101 dalmatians play hide –and-seek?

Because they’d get spotted!


What do frogs eat with their hamburgers?

French Flies


Patient: Doctor doctor I feel like a bell

Doctor: Give me a ring when you feel better!


What award did the inventor of the door-knocker win?

A no-bell prize!


What;s Dr Jekyll's favourite game?

Hyde and seek

Recycling Lesson

Teacher: Does anyone know what it means to recycle?

Amy: That's when I have to ride my older sister's bicycle instead of getting a new one.

What is a boxer's favourite drink? -- Punch

Going Bowling . . .

The family went bowling one night and brought seven-year-old Stevie for the first time. Along with the rest of the family, Stevie laced up his bolwing shoes and then went to select a ball. Everyone else choose one but Stevie could not make up his mind.

Ten minutes went by and finally Father said, "Stevie, just pick a ball. We don't have all night."

"But I can't!" wailed Stevie, "Every ball i pick up has holes on it!"

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Denis Smith 6 years ago

Great kids jokes resource.

scott alfes 6 years ago

i have a great joke why is it so hot after football games?

because all the fans start leaving

scott  6 years ago

hope u like my joke plz anserw if u like it

anon 6 years ago

meant for small kids

ashley 6 years ago


JACK 5 years ago


Tuba sheikh 5 years ago

these jokes are really great.i love them

Samantha 5 years ago

What is a Barbie that sits in the sun to long? A Barbie-Q

gaaa 5 years ago

it was so funny hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

megan rasmell 5 years ago

i love these jokes

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

Just what kids of all ages need! Nice hub! :)

ally 5 years ago

what do u call a pig that knows karate ? pork chop !!!!!!!

Todd 5 years ago

Why did the sheep cross the road?

To get to the baaaaaaathroom

Todd  5 years ago

Why did Tiger go to the bathroom?

He was looking for pooh!

ian moone 5 years ago

well I think they r cool! thnx everyone for the jokes...i have plenty to right a joke book for kids!

savi 5 years ago

What goes up and down but never moves?????


lucy joy 5 years ago

what typ of bee makes milk



get it!

Emi babe 1998 5 years ago

Love the jokes got a good laugh LOL HAHAHA got a joke

why was ten afraid of seven because seven eight nine!!!

unknown 4 years ago

cool jokes

unknown 4 years ago

cool jokes

katie 4 years ago

i like theese jokes they are funny

Emily 4 years ago

u guys r hilarious!!!!!!

PRIYANKA 4 years ago



Bobbie 4 years ago

What did the big cup say to the little cup

You are to young to be steaming

Jasmin 4 years ago

what did the remont say to the T.V what ever it seid

reana 4 years ago

why did the chicin cros the road?

because he loves the colours red yellow and green


taylor swift 2143658709 4 years ago

hi what ****** jokes there i think there a bit innapropiate do you think there a eighteen or over.

Maddie 4 years ago




LOL GUY 4 years ago

i got some jokes...

there are three people on a plane one throws a banana anther throws an apple the last throws a bomb when they land they find two men crying and one laughing so they go to the first one and say why his crying he says a banana killed his dog they go to the second and say the same thing he says an apple killed his dog they go to the last and ask why his laughing he says he farted and the building behind him blew up (but it was the bomb that hit the building the same time he farted)

LOL hope you like it

Chloe 4 years ago

I love these jokes. LoL they are funny

sau-chakra profile image

sau-chakra 4 years ago from India

very nice, good for kids

alyssa hayes 4 years ago

love the joks what is a dogs favorit city new yorky hahahahahaha

sweebee 4 years ago

what is the opposite of warm front?

cold back

bitch 4 years ago

why did the chicken cross the road hahaha i dont know what the ****

alexena 4 years ago

what will you call james bond when he dives into the water?

ans- james pond

Michael 4 years ago

Coooooooool i love these jokes

you 4 years ago

these r great jokes

bernae 4 years ago

Luv it. And knock knock who's there pizza pizza who pizza meat u

Barbie 4 years ago

Knock Knock,

whoes there


doctor who

doctor i need you

daijha 4 years ago

these jokes r great 4 kids whoever made these jokes i love them lol(:

Samina Baybeh 4 years ago

Heyy guyss guess wa...I got 5 jokes! want to hear it? okay and yess I made them upp!!

1.What did the Sea Gull say to the Girl?

Answer.What do you see girl?

2.What do penguins wear when they are cold?


3.What is a brown headed man in a red car?

Answer.Malteasers! ( am not trying to be rascist okay)

4.Did you hear a bang in the alley?

Answer.Yep it was a Bengali!

5.What do penguins eat for dinner?

Answer.Fish Fingers!


amy 4 years ago

Lol got knock knok

Who's there

Ach who

Bless u

Lol get it:)

Elena 4 years ago

What's the difference between a bird and a fly?

A bird can fly but a fly can't bird.


emma 4 years ago

What do dogs and trees have in common. Thay both have barks lol

tiffany 4 years ago

good jokes you have

tatata 4 years ago

yeah good jokes for little little kids such as 3,4,and 5

lil miss swager sari 4 years ago

due its an awesome joke especially boxer joke i told my cousin erick it he cracked up

sophie 4 years ago

very good and VERY, VERY funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PARUL 4 years ago

GOOD & VERY FUNNY JOKES......!!!!!!!!!!

Belle 4 years ago

Love it

clone trooper 4 years ago

What did the hamburger say to the hot dog. Sup dawg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lakenmurray 3 years ago

There. All great but I like the one. With. The. Frog

rebecca 3 years ago

it was so funny that i was crying me and my frieads and famliy injoy it i love them

toph 3 years ago

these jokes were awesome!!! I love them!!! lol !!!

Lily 3 years ago

Good ,what do you call a donkey with three legs.

A wonkey

Jill Fin 3 years ago

good job!

sandy gilsberd 3 years ago

great jokes there amazing and simple for small kida or mayb bigger!!LOL!

claire bartlett VIC 3 years ago

Hey. Hi.

I went to the beach and all I could see was the sea.

Hdog 3 years ago

Hey I have a joke


Well there where three tomatoes a dad a mom and a baby well the baby kept falling behind so the daddy stepped on the little baby and said " Ketch-up"

duddddddddddddddde 3 years ago

knock knock,who's there,doctor,doctor who,OMG you watch that to

Alyssa 21 months ago

I got one....

Knock knock

Who's there?

Little old lady he

Little old lady he who?

Wow I didn't know you could yodel.

Lol hope u luv it!

seanglyboyloy9@yahoo.com 14 months ago

give me more

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