Just What I Mean

Here is little something to get you

By on those lonely nights when

The one you love is there by

Your side and it seems that nether

One of you have nothing to say.

The only look upon your faces

Is love me right now but no one wants

To make a move see its not about the

fights for they will surly come and go.

Its not about stroking each others

Egos it’s about the things that can’t be

Said in addition to the love that’s not

Always clearly expressed.

You can still be a king and she will always

Be your queen just as long as you two

Never forget what brought you together.

The answer you search for is their inside of

You love granted you permission to be

Who you are and for them to be true to who

They are which allowed the doors to open plus

Helped you two to care about each other.

The same thing that allowed you to accept what

Was inside their heart.

L stands for leader someone has to be.

O stands for outgoing that’s the only way

love will last the

V gave you the vision of what you wanted

in a potential mate.

E just means that if all the right steps are

taken ever lasting happiness is what

you should have in your life.

It’s true that love is just what you make it

Out to be and the answer to why you are

Together is there inside you.

So stop staring at the ceiling or the back of

Their head turn to each other and just say

I forgive you then you will see just what I mean.

Copyright © 2010 ~ the prolific penman

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msawesome profile image

msawesome 6 years ago

Love it!

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