River in the Valley: Three poems


No words from my quivering mouth, frozen tears chill my heart and brain;

Cold, no one to warm my numbed muscles and flesh;

My empty castle, bereft, not a shadow moving;

Perfidious you, piercing my soul with your deadly sword of deception;

Treachery, secrecy, wiles, agonizing fibs from your tongue splitting apart like the fork of the Devil in Hades;

Liar! Liar!

Like your Father and Forefathers who inhabit the bottomless darkness!

The Merry-Go-Round

Unable to prove your devilish schemes;

My heart wounded and aching, I find an escapade; off to the peak where eagles tarry or down to the valley of the peasants in their merry-go-round;

Perhaps, perhaps, one soul will have a pure heart, in the valley of the merry-go-round;

The brightly lit valley, the dance, the music, the laughter, the reverie;

I envy the morons, the clowns, the peasants, the simpletons;

They have no fears for they are aware that they are already in hell;

The hell, their haven, their den, their heaven.

Down the Valley of the Fools

He approach me, the clown, the fool, the bright fool;

"Will you dance with me, Madam?"

We dance, we laugh together;

But my heavy heart loath you;

And I remember, I still remember;

Your cheating soul, your lying tongue;

I got to run, run away from the fools, from the simpletons;

Run away from you, not to my castle, but somewhere, to nowhere;

To where there is peace, to the river of tears.

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Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 4 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Thanks luxebutik,

Yes, I have had so many poems over the years, they were written in my notebook. I always write down my feelings and thoughts in a given moment in some narrative poetic form. Only thing with me is I don't keep them nor publish them. Some people, my colleagues and students, even my daughter and some friends, have copies of them but I don't have.

I would also love to read your poems.

Thank you for dropping by.

Jynzly profile image

Jynzly 4 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA Author

Hi Owen,

First, thank you for dropping by...I have not read "By the river Piedra I sat down and wept" by Paulo Coelho, I will try to find that.

I wrote this free style narrative poem as a true expression to my feelings, suspicions and fears at the time I composed this poem.

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