The Kindle Vs the Nook

Christmas Shopping

Just like most of you, I've been looking for the perfect Christmas gift for my wife. I need something useful (other than the deluxe iron I bought her last year, big mistake. I thought she was going to brand me with it ), thoughtful, and something that is a great fit for her lifestyle and personality.

She's an absolutely voracious reader, so I thought one of those new-fangled e-readers, like the Nook or Kindle would be perfect. This way she could always carry a bunch of books around with her, save money (the e-books are about half the price of a new hardcover book), and hopefully avoid being crushed to death by an avalanche of books in my old age.

It's settled. I'm getting a Nook...or should I get a Kindle? Or how about a Nindle, or a Kook? I'm getting really confused here...

How do they compare?

Now that I've decided what to buy, I need to figure out which one will work best for my wife. The Kindle seems to work better in bright light, but my wife almost never reads outside, or during a supernova, so that may not be such an important feature for her. The Nook offers a color option, but the last time I looked, my wife doesn't read comic books anymore. The Kindle has a much longer battery life (up to a month, as opposed to a few days). That will be a strong consideration. Both offer easily readable text. Both offer Wi-Fi, lower prices, free books and samples and a huge selection of books. The nook offers an e-lend program to allow you to share books with other Nook users. The Kindle does not currently offer this but expects to do so in the near future.

The Deciding Factors

Both the Nook and the Kindle are fantastic buys for the reader in your family. For mine, the sharing feature and Barnes and Noble's "Read in Store" program which allows a Nook user to go to a store and read any book they want for free for one hour. In addition, Google recently started the Google Bookstore for e-readers. Kindle does not currently participate, which gives the Nook a decided advantage in content.

I don't think you could go wrong with either product, but the Nook won out for my family.

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